The MOXFIVE mission is to minimize the

business impact of cyber attacks.


MOXFIVE was founded with one goal in mind -  to minimize the business impact of cyber attacks. Over the last decade, our team of experts has helped thousands of businesses respond to cyber attacks and saw firsthand how we were uniquely positioned to make a greater impact. With a fresh sense of purpose from our security experts, MOXFIVE was born. We understand security, we understand IT operations, and we are ready to bring you a better incident response experience.


MOXFIVE is a specialized technical advisory firm founded to bring clarity to the complexity of cyber attacks.  We optimize the incident response strategy to provide unprecedented visibility, transparency, and foresight into each situation, which directly minimizes the business impact of an attack. Our phoenix symbolizes a rebirth, and an opportunity for organizations to learn, grow, and overcome challenges of cyber security. Our approach helps provide organizations a second chance by being there every step of the way.

We believe that great companies are built from a steadfast culture that permeates everything we do. MOXFIVE is built on our five core values and our drive and determination to incorporate them into every engagement.


We are dedicated to the success of our clients.


We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence.


We tackle challenges with optimism.


We believe that passion drives excellence.


We finish what we start.

We're always looking for doers and makers to shape the future of MOXFIVE.

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