Our security experts provide the technical and business expertise required to infuse knowledge, predictability, and integrity into the response process.

MOXFIVE Services

Our Business Recovery services assist victims to get their IT operations back up and running as quickly

as possible with a focus on minimizing disruption to business operations.

Business Recovery

Data Recovery & 


Containment & Remediation

Workstation imaging & application installations

Server restoration and rebuilds

Deployment of endpoint technology

Removal of malware artifacts



Decrypt files and systems for victims

Review decryption efforts for corruption

Backup & Restore


Determine feasibility of backup solution

Proactive network architecture review 

Our Incident Coordination service offers innovative incident response strategies led by MOXFIVE Technical Advisors to help mitigate losses and minimize disruption to business operations. We engage and lead the optimal service providers and technology solutions based on our deep knowledge of the industry resulting in a better risk profile for the victim after the attack.

Incident Coordination

Turnkey incident management solution

Seamless integration into existing technologies and processes

Coordinate efforts among internal and external parties

Innovative loss mitigation strategies

Manage and track overall response progress against stated timelines

Technical resource for attack victims





Obtain incident details and provide initial technical guidance

Focus on incident containment, data preservation, and data recovery

Establish action plan with counsel, victim, and service providers

Provide engagement flow and timing

Engage and deploy appropriate service providers and solutions at the appropriate time

Monitor engagement progress and costs

Conduct a 30 / 60 day follow up to discuss  recommendations and longer term risks

Provide ongoing technical guidance upon request


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