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MOXFIVE is a specialized technical advisory firm founded to bring clarity to the complexity of cyber attacks. We understand security, we understand IT operations, and we are ready to solve your technical challenges. 

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When we started MOXFIVE, we set out to fundamentally change how organizations obtain the technical expertise they need to make the best decisions for their business – whether in response to a security incident or in taking proactive measures to harden their environment and minimize the threat of an incident. Through years of first-hand experience working for and building traditional professional services firms, we knew there was a more effective way to provide organizations the help they need when they need it most.

Our vision was to create the MOXFIVE Platform, a virtuous cycle where our technical expertise is coupled with an ecosystem of specialized providers to build a more scalable approach that allows us to deliver a better customer experience. We focus on solving the problem at hand – not meeting financial targets. Our goal is to get our clients exactly what they need more efficiently so they focus on what truly matters - their business.

Mike Wager, CEO


At MOXFIVE, we run to problems and find solutions. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

Mike Wager


Alison Wager


Jim Aldridge

VP, Partnerships

Jeffrey Chan

VP, Technology

Sean Duffy

VP, Operations

John Beers

Managing Director, Technical Advisory Services

ReseAnne Sims

Director, Marketing

Matthew Baruch

Director, Business Development

Thomas Aneiro

Sr. Director, Technical Advisory Services

Amy Doan

Sr. Director, Finance

Najim Assefi

Sr. Project Manager

Erin Wiseman

Sr. Talent and People Specialist

Vince Harrelson

Director, Technical Advisory Services

James Gimbi

Sr. Director, Technical Advisory Services

Michael Rogers

Sr. Director, Technical Advisory Services

Michelle Watson

Program Manager

Kate Sousa

Sr. Technical Project Manager

Grant Warkins

Director, Technical Advisory Services

Marc Garza

Contract Specialist

Angela Min

Technical Project Manager

Kyla Kittelson

Sr. Technical Project Manager

Michael Pincus

Director, Sales

Erik Tiltman

Technical Project Manager

Danielle Haverstick

Director, Partnerships

Kyle Owen

Manager, IT Operations

Ben Hartwick

Director, Technical Advisory

Ken Saganowski

Director, Technical Advisory

Alexa Pansegrau

Sr. Accountant

Lee Trotter

Associate Director

Hayley McGhee

Technical Project Manager

Brian Taylor

Technical Project Manager

Kevin Marquez

Technical Project Manager

Ryan Vazquez

Principal Engineer

Michael Beaver

Technical Project Manager

Justin DeAngelis

VP, Finance

Yui Nguyen

Sr. Accountant

Kathy Vo

Associate Director, Sales


We believe that great companies are built from a steadfast culture that permeates everything we do. MOXFIVE is built on our five core values and our drive and determination to incorporate those values.


We take ownership and proactively manage our responsibilities.


We are one team that wins and loses together.


We always do the right thing.


We tackle challenges with optimism and remain calm in the face of difficult situations.


We set a high bar, welcome change, and challenge the status quo in pursuit of our mission.


Our mission is to minimize the business impact of cyber attacks. 

Incident Management

MOXFIVE provides the clarity and peace of mind needed for attack victims during the incident response process. Our platform approach enables victims of attacks to work with a Technical Advisor who provides the expertise and guidance needed in a time of crisis, and facilitates the delivery of all technical needs required, consistently and efficiently.

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Business Resilience

With experience on the front lines responding to incidents daily, MOXFIVE Technical Advisors have the unique ability to connect the dots between business, information technology, and security objectives to help you quickly identify the gaps and build a more resilient environment.

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