July 13, 2023

Navigating the Cyber Insurance Market

Organizations face an ever-increasing risk of threats in today’s digital landscape. Businesses must adapt and fortify their cybersecurity defenses as the threat landscape evolves. Cyber insurance has emerged as a critical component of comprehensive risk management strategies, providing financial protection against cyber incidents.

However, with the evolving nature of cyber threats, understanding the changing cyber insurance market landscape is essential for organizations to ensure adequate coverage. Let’s delve into the cyber insurance market, exploring key considerations and providing guidance on how to navigate this dynamic landscape effectively.

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Thomas Aneiro

Thomas brings a combination of operational and defensive security expertise in a wide range of environments, both in a consulting and internal capacity, to the MOXFIVE team. Thomas has supported companies ranging from Fortune 100 to small, privately-owned businesses and his history understanding complex technical problems and creating agile solutions is an asset to any organization’s team assisting their organizational capabilities.

Experts predict there will be a ransomware
attack every 11
seconds in 2021.
from Cybercrime Magazine
Our mission is to minimize the business impact of cyber attacks. 


Incident Response

MOXFIVE provides the clarity and peace of mind needed for attack victims during the incident response process. Our platform approach enables victims of attacks to work with a Technical Advisor who provides the expertise and guidance needed in a time of crisis, and facilitates the delivery of all technical needs required, consistently and efficiently.

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Business Resilience

With experience on the front lines responding to incidents daily, MOXFIVE Technical Advisors have the unique ability to connect the dots between business, information technology, and security objectives to help you quickly identify the gaps and build a more resilient environment.

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