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MOXFIVE Releases Inaugural Insights Report Highlighting Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

Through forensics, recovery, and resilience, MOXFIVE minimizes the business impact of cyber intrusions

Washington, D.C. - October 5, 2022 – MOXFIVE, a technical advisory firm specializing in cybersecurity and information technology, announced the inaugural issue of the MOXFIVE Insights Report. This report presents themes of interest to the cyber risk management community based on MOXFIVE’s response, recovery and resilience services. The MOXFIVE Platform efficiently provides organizations the expertise, technologies, and resources needed in the wake of a cyber-attack. 

The MOXFIVE Insights Report distills observations from MOXFIVE’s case data including themes related to the implementation of security controls, threat actor tactics, and factors that can unexpectedly complicate recovery from an intrusion. For example, many organizations have misconfigured critical controls such as endpoint detection and response (EDR) or multifactor authentication (MFA), which resulted in a lower level of protection than they were expecting. While these technologies make it significantly more difficult for attackers to gain entry into a network and remain undetected, simply installing them without fine tuning their configuration can ultimately be insufficient. When it comes to cybersecurity insurance, this topic is top-of-mind for carriers – and MOXFIVE expects the scrutiny of insureds’ assertions around key controls to increase.

“Organizations that have not experienced a significant cyber attack may underestimate the effectiveness with which threat actors can quickly achieve their objectives and the myriad of challenges that responders will face,” said Jim Aldridge, Vice President, Partnerships at MOXFIVE. “To help reduce the business impact of cyber intrusions, we take pride in sharing the insights that our teams have developed on the front lines of numerous incident response engagements.”  

To address these trends in the evolving cyber threat landscape, the MOXFIVE Insights Report highlights key recommendations around incident response preparedness, endpoint detection and response (EDR), backup and recovery, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and privileged access management (PAM) solutions, and vulnerability management. To learn more about how MOXFIVE can help your organization become more resilient, download the full report and connect with one of MOXFIVE’s Technical Advisors


MOXFIVE is a specialized technical advisory firm founded to help minimize the business impact of cyber-attacks. With deep roots in incident response and corporate IT, MOXFIVE strives to be the go-to technical resource for our clients. Whether responding to an attack or hardening their environment, the MOXFIVE Platform helps organizations of all types solve their most challenging technology-related problems by providing technical expertise at scale.

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